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  • Manage Student Meal Accounts
  • Make online payments
  • View purchase history
  • Set reminders
  • Families must reapply each year.
  • Benefits begin after the application is processed and are not retroactive. 
  • SNS will notify you in writing whether your application is approved or denied.
  • Districts qualify for education funds based on the number of students eligible for free or reduced price meals each year.

Student Nutrition FAQs

What if my child forgets his/her keypad number as he/she comes through the lunch line?

The student’s name can be entered into the computer for the purchase and to look up their number.

What if a student tried to use another student’s universal pin number?

When the student’s account is activated, the student’s name and picture appears on the computer screen allowing the operator to physically identify each student as they go through the lunch line.

How can I pay for my student’s purchases?

You may pay by cash, check or credit card. Cash should be sent in a sealed envelope with the date, the student’s first and last name, and the amount enclosed written on it. 

Checks should be made payable to Student Nutrition Services (SNS).  On the memo line of the check write the student’s first and last name. Change is not provided for checks or cash. 

To pay with a credit card, you will need to register with PayPams at or 1-(877)-726-7586.

How will I know when to send money?

It is the parent’s responsibility to be knowledgeable about meal prices and to monitor lunch balances.  We encourage you to discuss cafeteria purchases with your student.  If you are registered with PAMS, you can conveniently check balances and purchase history online.  

You may also call the school kitchen or the SNS office at (507) 328-4218 to inquire about the meal account balance. 

If I send a check with my High School student, will my student at the Elementary School be able to eat?

No. You must send a separate check for students in different schools. If you want to send only one check, you must send it to the SNS office, 615 7th Street SW, Rochester, MN 55902.

How do I request a refund?

Please call (507) 328-4218 to request a refund.  

Reasons for Refund:

  • Students Moving out of Rochester Public Schools: If your student is leaving the Rochester Public School District, please call the SNS office to request a meal account refund. 
  • PayPams: If you have a PayPams account, please call SNS regarding refunding lunch account balances. Do not close the account until you have received your refund.
  • Graduating Seniors: If you have a graduating senior with a balance over $10.00, Student Nutrition Services will either refund the balance or transfer it to a sibling.  Remaining balances of $10.00 or less, upon request only, will either be refunded to the address on file or transferred to a sibling. If you have a preference, please call the SNS office. 

My student has special dietary needs, how can you accommodate them?

According to the National School Lunch Program Act, Student Nutrition Services is required to adhere to specific Federal regulations in accommodating special diets for students enrolled in Rochester Public Schools.   

Special Diet

MDE Special Diet Resources

Please have your child's health care provider complete the special diet statement form and return to: The Office of Student Nutrition Services in the Edison Building.

You will then be contacted to set up a meeting to discuss your child's dietary needs. 

Lactose Intolerance

Rochester Public Schools will provide lactose-free milk for children with lactose intolerance. Parents can request lactose-free milk for their student by submitting a written request. This request must be submitted each year. 

Please submit requests in writing or email.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your student's dietary needs, please contact:

Kayla Timmerman, RD 
Student Nutrition Services Dietitian | Email

Edison Building
615 7th Street SW
Rochester, MN 55902
(507) 328-4250

What is the District Wellness Policy?

The purpose of this policy is to set forth methods that promote student wellness, prevent and reduce childhood obesity, and assure that school meals and other food and beverages sold and otherwise made available on the school campus during the school day are consistent with applicable minimum local, state, and federal standards.

Wellness Policy

What about classroom treats?

Contact Us

Contact Us:

The Edison Administration Building
615 7th Street SW
Rochester, MN 55902
(507) 328-4250

Department Contacts:

Sherri Knutson
Student Nutrition Services Coordinator
(507) 328-4216 | Email

Angie Wuerflein, RD
Student Nutrition Services Assistant Coordinator 
(507) 328-4282 | Email

Joyce Flowers
Office Manager
(507) 328-4217 | Email

Kayla Timmerman, RD, LD
(507) 328-4250 | Email