Why Montessori?

Montessori at Franklin is a school within Franklin Elementary School. The Montessori approach to education embraces individualized instruction for children, mixed-age groupings, a structured curriculum, and a prepared environment using specialized Montessori teaching materials. Montessori classrooms allow children to move, touch, manipulate, and explore specifically designed learning materials with both direct and indirect teaching to foster their journey from concrete to abstract. Since Montessori education is based on the inner motivation of the child, the teacher’s role is to develop and work a student's motivation in ways that will enhance each child’s learning experience.

Three Basic Elements of a Montessori Education

  1. Montessori Materials
    • Materials maximize students’ interest by engaging their senses as they learn.
    • Materials introduce concepts by moving from concrete to abstract.
    • Materials are self-correcting. 

  2. Self-Paced/Self-Initiated Learning
    • Projects are structured based on students’ interests.
    • Materials are presented when students are ready to take on more work.
    • Work time is uninterrupted. 

  3. Multi-age Community of Learners
    • Children reinforce their own knowledge through teaching others.
    • Children view learning as important and fun.
    • Older children serve as mentors and role models.
Three students posing for a photo in the snowfilled outdoors.